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Safari Secrets was established in 2010 and is still currently operating with its head office based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Safari Secrets was established in 2010 and is still currently operating with its head office based in Nairobi, Kenya. We pride ourselves on planning specialized 4×4 safari packages in Kenya and Tanzania. We are team of professionals who have spent their early years planning and running operations of well renowned safari companies hence we boast knowledge.


Being a relatively small organization we care about your safari experience – you are not just a client to us, hence we put together to detail a program that for years will remain memorable to you for years to come and we have managed to build the trust to our clients. Our safaris are designed to suite families, couples on honeymoon as well individuals who are after a quality safari style from a middle class safari seeker to a luxury high safari seeker.

What Safari Secrets Offers:

Tailor Made Safaris | Pre-designed Package Tours by road (in 4 x 4’s) | Air Packages | Luxury Safaris | Family Safaris | Photo-Safaris | Adventure Safaris | Wildlife Safaris | Ground Arrangements for Film Crews | Conferences & Incentives | off the beaten Track Safaris | Honeymooners | Budget Safaris | Beach Holidays |


-We too understand that Eco-Tourism is the future of Tourism worldwide and therefore prefer to support local community – run Camps and Lodges as well as eco – friendly organizations.
When booking a safari to Kenya or Tanzania it’s important that you deal with a professional safari company. You may pay a bit more but you will realize in the end that it was well worth it. Many visitors have been disappointed booking with unprofessional agencies.


Dear Visitors, esteemed clients & friends,


Karibu! (Welcome in Kiswahili) to the world of Safari Secrets, your Safari Specialist for Kenya & East Africa as a destination. On the following pages we would like to introduce you to the breathtaking beauty of Kenya’s natural habitat, and invite you to let the magic & fascination of this exotic, untouched wildlife destination guide you to booking an extraordinary safari experience.

East Africa has countries with diverse scenery but primarily offers the highest concentration of wildlife in its National parks unrivaled to any other part in Africa. With our excellent knowledge of these countries we are delighted to customize your private safari, a family safari or a honeymoon package. These kind of tours cannot be compared with pre-packaged offers and fixed itineraries. Our quest is to make you another one of our highly content and enthusiastic visitors!

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